An unfinished basement looks and feels unappealing from being cold, dark and musty-smelling. But if you’re bursting at the seams upstairs, finishing the basement could go a long way in providing livable square footage. McMenemy Builders, Inc. can transform that ugly duckling into the favorite part of your home.

Here’s how we do it

Warm it up! We can add insulation to the walls or install heated flooring. We can revamp your HVAC system to better control the temperature and moisture in the basement. Whatever the specific issue is for your basement, McMenemy Builders, Inc. can find a solution.

Banish the darkness! Putting recessed lighting into a finished ceiling is one solution. And if you’re adding a bedroom, creating an egress window is another. If your property allows it, we could even create a walkout basement, complete with patio doors for extra light.

Soundproof it! Let your budding drummer practice or your teen’s rock band rehearse. We’ll make sure the whole house doesn’t reverberate.

Newfound space. Basement finishing could be the beginning of a whole new house! What space could your project provide?

Guest bedroom. Do you need a spare bedroom for visitors? Or could you use an in-law suite? No one will feel banished to the dungeon. We’ll make it a private haven.

Extra bathroom. Tired of the stairs? An extra bath provides convenience.

Man cave. Make it complete with a big screen and mini-kitchen for food and beverages.

Home gym or yoga studio. Work out when it’s convenient for you. We could even give you a personal locker room!

Crafter’s paradise. Need more storage? Of course you do! Need a bigger worktable? It goes without saying. Anyone who sews, quilts or scrapbooks always needs room to spread out!

By the time McMenemy Builders, Inc. completes your renovation, you’ll wonder why you ever thought your basement was cold and dark. Call us today at (989) 832-4398. Let’s banish those basement blues!

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